Course of Studies

The school has a full fledged primary, secondary and senior school with following sections

  • K.G.
  • Primary-Std.1 to Std.V
  • Middle School-Std.VI to Std.VII
  • Secondary-Std.VIII to Std X.
  • Senior School-Std.XI to Std .XII

School Timing : 8.25 a.m. -  3.20 p.m

The following subjects are offered in the science and commerce streams for AISSCE

A.Science Section

B.Commerce Section

C. Humanities Section
English (core)  English (core) English (core)
Electives Electives Electives
1.Physics 1. Business Studies

1. Economics or


2.Chemistry 2. Accountancy

2. Psychology or

Physical Education

3. Mathematics 3. Economics 3. Geography or Sociology

4.Biology or Computer science

or Informatics Practices 

4. Informatics Practices or

Regular Maths or Applied Maths

4. Applied Maths or Regular Maths

or Informatics Practices


School Facilities Overview



The library is an arena of possibility, opening both a window into the soul and a door into another world.  This is best proved by the school library that sprawls over 4,000 sq feet, housing 14,000 and more books, periodicals and dailies. Its aesthetically designed galleries, the colourful book shelves, large study spaces provide the right ambience to every child to experience and explore.



The Science labs ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ) with all its facilities  provide the springboard to the students to hone their scientific temperament and  innovative ideas and thereby discover their scientific  potential- learning by doing



Computer lab is- a multipurpose technological and collaborative work space that meets the teaching , learning and research needs of the faculty and the students. The school provides separate labs for the Junior and Senior sections to boost the technical  and coding skills of the students



Patterns and ideas are evoked in the curious minds of the students through a collection of mathematical puzzles and games, equipping them to take up further challenges beyond the curriculum-an interesting journey to visualise and probe.



Physical education classes have been designed in a methodological and far-sighted manner to enable the students to adapt themselves to circumstances and the needs of growth and development of the being. The school has a full-fledged infrastructure to cater to the physical well-being of the students.

  • Multipurpose indoor court for the primary section which includes throw ball, volleyball and badminton court.
  • Outdoor court for Volleyball, basketball, throwball, cricket training, Karate  200 metres track ground.
  • In-house training for Baseball, athletics, Throw ball, chess
  • Coaching given for the above-mentioned disciplines in the evening.
  • The school takes pride in having NCC 22K  Army ( Junior) and NCC  3K Airforce (senior) Divisions along with training for Guides, Cubs and Bulbul activities.



Cochin Refineries School is one of the few schools in India that has been granted the approval to set up Atal Tinkering Lab supported and funded by Neeti Ayog, Government of India under the aegis of Atal Innovation Mission- a space where children can experiment with, learn, develop and conceptualize different scientific ideas and help them to be Neoteric innovators. The students get the opportunity to restructure the theories learned in the classroom and see the transformed results. Its facilities include 1. 3 D printing 2. Electronic lab equipment 3. Telescope 4. Mechanical tools 5. Arduino, Raspberry pie boards 6. Sensors and actuators 7. DIY kit for robotics 8. Drilling, welding and soldering equipment.



The mechatronics class aims at giving skilled training to students to enable them face the day to day challenges in their lives pertaining to technical aspects of electrical and mechanical gadgets as per the changing needs of the society. Students develop an understanding of the necessity of domestic appliances and its maintenance.


A sound mind in a sound body – Yoga helps in striking the chord of harmony by controlling and coordinating the mental and physical disciplines. Regular yoga classes in the school have helped the students to maintain a healthier lifestyle.


Art classes provide a rejuvenating platform to the students to give expression to their creative bent of mind through the splashes of colours on the canvas. Every stroke speak volumes of the thoughts and perceptions of  students about their surroundings.


Well ventilated spacious room with all amenities, well equipped to give urgent care to the sick/injured. A staff of the school is assigned the duty to take care of the students.


A blend of art and science, home science classes train the students with the techniques of efficient living. It offers a wide range of topics such as food and nutrition, hands on activities like needle work, hand made jewellery, ceramic designing on earthen pots, embroidery work, applique work,tie and dye , fabric painting, jute bag making, block printed sarees etc.


Other facilities in the school include

  • KG Activity Room
  • Montessori Maths lab to facilitate experiential learning
  • Play area for KG students
  • Resource room with a special educator
  • Full-time Counsellor
  • Dance Room
  • Instrumental music room with trainers for Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Flute, Table etc.